Generally speaking, painting is a less expensive process, while wallpapering is longer lasting and more durable. If you're on a tight budget, a beautiful look in any room can be achieved with well-chosen paint color and plenty of accent pieces in similar color schemes.

Wallpaper Installation services in Delhi

Painting over Wallpaper Installation services in Delhi can be done, and sometimes it should be done rather than removing the wallpaper. As with many home improvements, the quality of the result depends on the effort exerted at the beginning. In other words, it's all in the preparation.

Transform Your Simple Wall Into Stylish Wall

Flower Homes Renovation Wallpaper Installation services in Delhi are an easy and creative way to completely transform a room with stylish and complex patterns. With better designs and improved installation, wallpaper projects are easier than ever. From traditional wallpaper to fabric and vinyl wallcoverings, there is a pattern for every space.

Get Best Design For Wall Intallation

Once you’ve decided on the perfect design and the best space, Flower Homes Renovation can get started. Working with a professional is recommended. Without the proper tools or experience with Wallpaper Installation services in Delhi, you can run the risk of damaging your walls. For a rough idea of what a wallpaper project looks like, check out these steps:


• Remove existing wallpaper

• Prep your walls

• Cut the wallpaper to size

• Mark a plumb line and hang the first piece of paper

• Smooth out the surface

• Trim the excess material around outlets and light fixtures

And repeat along the wall

This is a lot of work. Flower Homes Renovation has vetted our crews to make sure they are experts in Wallpaper Installation company in Delhi. With our free online quote and our quick work, our professional wallpaper installation services are unbeatable.